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Blinkist: An App For Life Long Learners

Do you love reading and learning from non-fiction books? Or would you at least love to read it more often but run out of time throughout the day that you’re unable to keep up with that 20-40 min of daily reading recommendations by Tony Robbins, James Altucher, Ryan Holiday? Then here’s an app that …

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How to Silent Whatsapp Group

Now a days Whatsapp has become the hub for all sorts of chatting, be it among school chatting, business chatting or whatever. So people keep adding their friends, colleagues, relatives randomly. Sometimes it becomes annoying when whatsapp keeps singing for every single update on the group and if the group …

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How to Protect Your Organization With Google Alerts

Introduction Back in the day, if you were really serious about keeping a handle on your image or the image of your company, you subscribed to one or more clipping and news monitoring services. Those services still exist, and they can be part of a coordinated effort to maintain the …

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Using Content to Get Better Search Engine Rankings

By now, most everyone has heard that content is king when it comes to getting a high ranking Website in the search engines. This is certainly more than just a cute saying, and it is still true. It is important to understand that the goal of the search engines is …

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Jelly Bean: The Best Android OS

Google launched Jelly Bean at Google I/O 2012 and the entire gadget world start phrasing it. Jelly Bean is indeed a best Android OS produced by Google due to many reasons. Jelly Bean was introduced with Nexus phone and tablet. Motorola Xoom is the second tablet to receive Jelly Bean after Nexus 7. Why …

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