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Top social media tips for bloggers

Social media is not a mystery anymore as even a school going kid has an account on Facebook and seems to be well versed in using it. But the role which social media plays in SEO is far more salient than just chatting and sharing photos! The bloggers are sometimes …

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LinkedIn and Your Resume

With 130 million profiles on professional networking website LinkedIn, there’s great potential for you to increase your professional visibility among those in your industry and beyond. It would be almost silly not to consider the benefits of actively participating in LinkedIn’s social networking as well as maintaining an up-to-date resume. …

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Why Google+ is better than Facebook and twitter

1. Editing posts and comments.2. No spam3. No Advertisement. 4. Google Ripples5. what’s Hot6. Text formatting: *Bold* _Italics_ and -Strikethrough-7. Google+ Badge.8. Keyboard shortcuts9. Better Privacy.10. You can gain thousands of followers within few hours organically.11. You can lock your post at any time.12. Seo Friendly13. No useless apps14. Create your own meme.15. circle sharing16. Hangout17. YouTube Integration.18. #hashtag support with auto completion.19. Drag and drop feature.20. Google+ Brand Pages.21. Search …

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